Fun and relaxation at the lake.

There’s always plenty to do at Camp Bob Cooper! Our experienced program staff can customize a fun-filled itinerary for groups of all ages and abilities.

Waterfront Activities

Visiting a camp on a large lake has its advantages! Our facility has an entire peninsula on Lake Marion all to itself. Camp Bob Cooper comes complete with a large waterslide, a blob, numerous watercraft and even a water basketball court. Fishermen can also enjoy our location at various fishing piers and docks located around campus.


Join our professionally trained and enthusiastic adventure staff in a wide range of Adventure Activities. From one our two high ropes courses to our vertical playground and 40ft climbing wall participants can challenge themselves both physically and emotionally. While the Team Building offerings at Camp Bob Cooper are the place for group building and challenge, it is in the High Ropes/Adventure activities that Camp Bob Cooper and its staff can help the individuals of your group grow and challenge themselves the their own personal limits. Using the most up to date gear and highly trained facilitators, your participants can truly push their own limits. Whether on our pamper pole, zip line or postman’s walk our wide range of high elements truly challenge the senses and abilities of anyone brave enough to harness up!

Team Building

Complementing our high adventure activities Camp Bob Cooper and its staff are some of the best team building facilitators in the business. Starting with activities designed to help break down the barriers among the members of most groups our staff lead our team building activities with games specifically geared to “breaking the ice” and getting to know one another. With the help of a wide range of zany brain teasers to games that truly get the blood flowing and get folks willing to extend a hand in cooperation and friendship, our programs are designed to form a solid foundation of understanding each other before moving onto more physically challenging teambuilding activities found in our low ropes course. Utilizing a wide range of elements through our low ropes course, groups learn to rely on each other to solve problems and overcome physical and mental challenges. From our All Aboard Platform to our Mohawk Walk and beyond these elements are all easy for most any member of the group to take part in the fun and help solve the challenge at hand. At the completion of any activity of course is the “debriefing” process where skilled staff help each group identify for themselves what lessons can be taken back from their experience together and most importantly how these lessons can change their daily lives as both a group working together and as individuals striving to be effective citizens of any community.

Shooting Sports

Nestled in four different corners of the Camp Bob Cooper property are acres set aside for developing your marksmanship skills. Whether you prefer shotgun skeet shooting, riflery, paintball or archery, the staff at Camp Bob Cooper can handle it all. Well trained instructors will meet your groups’ needs by first understanding the level of skill your participants already possess and then crafting a program to your groups’ specific needs. From truly honing the skills needed to safely operate firearms and hit the mark to the practice of consistent muscle memory required to become a consistently accurate archer, if shooting sports peak your interest Camp Bob Cooper can truly meet your needs. Throw in excellent space, leadership and prices on an all-out paintball battle and what more could you ask for!

Field Activities

In the middle of the Camp Bob Cooper property are two large lighted play fields. Groups who visit our shores can truly spread out in the great outdoors playing a wide range of competitive and cooperative play. From our full size football field complete with goal posts to our regulation sand volley ball court and our outdoor basketball court your groups team sports will run smoothly. Within the same recreation space Cooper also offers a full swing set, Frisbee golf baskets and an excellent second field for zany large groups’ camp games like capture the flag, water balloon mania, etc. Bring your own gear or contact our staff and we can have your recreation field space ready and waiting for when you drive in the gate!


Within our lighted and fully air conditioned Reed Ferry Gymnasium, groups will find another excellent space to spread out and grow closer as a group or just burn calories. Complete with indoor rock climbing wall, volleyball and basketball setups this space is excellent for beating the heat or keeping the fun going during a rainstorm. Additionally this facility also includes a kitchen and classroom perfect for smaller groups to breakout and engage in activities like cooking classes and arts & crafts